Welcome to Premier Hormone Balance

Welcome to Premier Hormone Balance

Welcome to Premier Hormone Balance, a company designed to help you with your individualized health needs. We are the most advanced, cost-effective hormone balancing solution in the world. 50,000 Clients have benefited from our customized Approach.

Our approach incorporates baseline analysis and customized programs to fit your specific biochemistry. By utilizing in-home testing,Welcome to Premier Hormone Balance Premier helps to design health programs specific to you! If you seek an effective health program – or an alternative to an existing program – look to Premier Hormone Balance to create your customized solution.

We have 3 simple steps: Test, Results, and Balance. To begin your Test phase, just order your in-home test kit today.

Premier Hormone Balance specializes in customizing programs specific to each individual utilizing scientific testing and data while incorporating alternative, natural methods to bring one’s health back into balance, naturally.

We custom design a transdermal crème specific to each person from a 24-hour or 28-day salivary panel and/or urine panel (Cortisol, DHEA, Estridiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, neurotransmitters, minerals). Visit our testing page for more information on your hormone test options. Our test is unique in that we take a saliva sample every four hours for a complete 24-hour period. Most other labs do not look into the midnight and 4am value, which gives us a broader picture of what’s happening during a 24-hour circadian, and also into the “repair mode” (i.e., immune response, inflammation, liver congestion, malabsorption, chronic infection, hypoglycemic events, etc…).

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